Nine years ago, we started journey of writing and designing “Optimal Handwriting Books”, aiming at learning and teaching good Handwriting easily and beautifully. It is an untold truth, 90% of our education system involves Handwriting but 70% of Indian Teachers and Students are not aware of scientific and technical approach to good Handwriting. This fact motivated us towards the modest trial of introducing an optimal approach to improved Handwriting.

It may be tiresome, mundane or uninteresting in learning or teaching 52 letters of Lucida alphabet through traditional methods and regular patterns. This is the main reason that many Indian students and even teachers ignore the writing. To breakdown this psychological barriers, we introduced an optimal approach in learning and teaching good Handwriting.


  • 100% scientific and technical approach to learn Lucida (Non-Cursive), fast and easy is assured with only 5 Lucida Strokes.
  • 95% Students are not aware of scientific approach of teaching Capitals and Small Letters of Lucida to students.
  • Traditional methods and regular patterns of teaching Letters may be uninteresting and tiresome.
  • It’s difficult to remember all 52 Letters and Numbers on the part of first learners.
  • It’s easy and interesting, learning all 52 Letters 5 Lucida Strokes.
  • We designed learning Alphabet through Trace and Write activities.