Meaning and Definition

                  The term ‘Graphology,’ derived from Greek roots ‘Graph,’ means writing and ‘ology’ means study. Thus, Graphology means study of writing, and the first book on Graphology was published in 1622 in Italy by Camillo Baldi. Graphology is the study of character and personality trough the analysis of handwriting. Each stroke of the pen says something about one’s personality and hidden character. Handwriting also reveals one’s emotion, intellect, adjustment, creativity, physical or mental drives and disabilities, self-interest and attitude more accurately and quickly.

Graphology and Handwriting

            The face is the index of the mind where handwriting is an index of the brain. In fact, handwriting is not handmade writing; it is brain-made writing because the brain directs the hand through the central nervous system, which acts as a wire from the brain to the hand. According to penmanship psychology, one can write the pattern, form, or style of an alphabet that is stored in the memory or brain. These patterns, forms, and sizes of letters including slants, pressure, spacing, and connecting letters are stored in memory by repetition and practice as habits of daily actions. Interestingly, handwriting is a habit, indeed habit is that speaks about one’s personality and character. Probably you grasp that handwriting shows whether your character is good or bad. This notion indirectly indicates that character and personality can be changed through good handwriting or handwriting can be changed by changing the character and personality. Are you not convinced? Then, here is an example for you. Based on graphology, if the last letter of sentences falls down suddenly at the end of a line, then the writer is on the way to commit suicide; this indicator has been found in the most suicide letters. If you were the writer, what would the next step be for you? You would probably try your level best to write in a straight baseline without the letters falling at the end of the line.

                 I am sure you are in a little bit confused; how can handwriting change the character and personality, or how can handwriting be changed by changing one’s character and personality. To find out true this idea is, you must work on ‘my project on good handwriting’. However, this project is mainly designed on the basic principles of graphology, which guides you through the original letter pattern, accurate letter formation, normal slants, well sizes, balanced space, equal margin, etc. This good handwriting project was designed after extensive referenand study of many projects on good handwriting worldwide. It is a very interesting project because you can change your handwriting at the same time learns about your character and personality.                                     




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