Definition and Meaning
Calligraphy influences the writing style of an alphabet through designed, handwritten lettering or decorative handwriting. The word calligraphy is derived from the Greek words, ‘kollos’, meaning beauty, and ‘graphe’, meaning writing. Thus, calligraphy means beauty writing or the art of fine writing. The dictionary defines calligraphy as the art of producing decorative handwriting or lettering with a pen or brush. Western calligraphy uses Latin script [the English alphabet].The history of calligraphy dates back to 3200 B.C., when the Egyptians created stylized hieroglyphs.

Calligraphy and Handwriting

Logically, calligraphy works on writing systems to make handwriting beautiful and unique. You do not need to master the calligraphy alphabet, which is difficult to perfect. In fact, the use of calligraphy in handwriting started during medieval times when the first letter of each book, chapter or paragraph was illuminated. Although using calligraphy to write the first letter of a book or a paragraph adds impact to your handwriting, here we suggest writing a calligraphy letter instead of a normal letter. To do this, just choose a calligraphy alphabet, along with a few techniques and tools to practice. 


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